Who is Arianna Davis? 5 things to know about the dancer suing Lizzo for sexual harassment

Arianna Davis gained recognition through the reality TV show "Watch Out for the Big Grrrls," catching the attention of Grammy-winning artist Lizzo and becoming one of her back-up dancers.

1. Rising to Fame

Arianna recently filed a lawsuit against Lizzo, alleging weight-shaming and sexual harassment by the singer.

2. Lawsuit Against Lizzo

Arianna has been involved in dance since the age of 2 and has honed her skills in various styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop, and lyrical.

3. Versatile Dance Background

Apart from dancing, Arianna produces fitness cardio workout videos on TikTok and has garnered a substantial following under the handle @aridavis5678.

4. Fitness Videos on TikTok

Arianna's exceptional talent and charisma led Lizzo to handpick her as one of her newest dance team members during the reality show.

5. Handpicked by Lizzo

Starting in September 2022, Arianna became part of Lizzo's touring crew, embarking on an exciting journey with the renowned singer.

6. Touring with Lizzo

Arianna not only excels in dancing but also showcases her musical talent by singing.

7. Aspiring Musician

Along with her song release, Arianna also shared a captivating music video for "Dancing With You" on YouTube.

8. YouTube Music Video

Arianna has gained popularity on social media platforms, and her online presence plays a significant role in connecting with her fans.

9. Social Media Personality

Arianna Davis hails from Indianapolis, and her journey from a young dancer to a back-up dancer for Lizzo is an inspiring story of perseverance and talent.

10. Indianapolis Roots