Which Sign is the Most Hated, According Experts?

Geminis are viewed as being unreliable and double-faced. The fluid sign of Gemini, which is controlled by Mercury (the planet of communication), excels in adapting to the mood of whoever they are speaking to.


Many believe that Scorpios are calculating and chilly. Many believe that Scorpios are edgy and ready to sting those around them, exactly like the scorpions that serve as their metaphor.


Because of their drama and haughtiness, Leos are despised. Leos, who are ruled by the sun, are fiery and sometimes have the impression that they want to be the centre of the universe.


Virgos alienate people because they can be judgmental at times. Virgo, who rules the sixth house of service, enjoys "healing" others, initiating new endeavours, and assisting others in becoming better versions of themselves.


Many assume that Aries is volatile and envious. Aries is the youngest sign in the zodaic chart, and its immaturity can be annoying.


Many people think that Taurus is too boring and unyielding. Taurus is an Earth sign, therefore it's all about being realistic and useful.


It's possible to perceive Libras as superficial and unsure. Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Libra, who is attracted to attractive people and material possessions.


Many believe Capricorn to be cynical and overly serious. Being ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and responsibility, Capricorn is known as "the worker of the zodiac" and is obsessed with duty.