Belgian GP Results: Max Verstappen Wins The Chaotic Sprint Race

Red Bull's Max Verstappen claimed victory in a rain-soaked and chaotic Belgian Grand Prix Sprint Race.

1. Max Verstappen Triumphs

Oscar Piastri and Pierre Gasly secured second and third place, respectively, following Verstappen across the finish line.

2. Piastri and Gasly Take Podium

The Belgian Grand Prix weekend was plagued by rain, affecting every session, including the Sprint Race.

3. Rain-Plagued Weekend

The Sprint Race faced delays, first by 35 minutes due to the Sprint Shootout postponement and then an additional 30 minutes due to heavy rain.

4. Delayed Start

The race began with four laps behind the safety car before a rolling start due to wet conditions.

5. Safety Car Start

As the track dried up, half of the grid pitted immediately for intermediate tires, while the rest changed tires on the second lap, leading to intense and chaotic moments.

6. Tire Strategy Drama

Oscar Piastri briefly led the race after pitting before Verstappen.

7. Piastri Takes the Lead

Fernando Alonso's AMR23 went off track at Turn 11, causing the safety car to make another appearance.

8. Alonso's Misfortune

Max Verstappen regained the lead on Lap 6 after a battle with Piastri.

9. Verstappen's Recovery

Sergio Perez faced challenges, losing positions to Hamilton, Sainz, and Leclerc before ultimately retiring from the race on Lap 9.

10. Perez's Struggles