Twitter, now X, Reinstates Kanye West's Account After 8-Month Suspension

Twitter, rebranded as X, has reinstated musician Kanye West's account after an approximately eight-month suspension for violating platform rules.

1. Account Reinstatement

Despite the reinstatement, West won't be able to monetize his account, and advertisements won't appear alongside his posts.

2. Account Limitations

West's account was initially suspended in December for posting an image combining a swastika with a star of David, which was deemed a violation of the platform's rules.

3. Suspension Reason

As of the reinstatement, Kanye West had not posted anything on his account, which boasts more than 31 million followers.

4. No Recent Posts

Neither X's press office nor representatives for West have immediately responded to requests for comments about the account reinstatement.

5. Lack of Response

Elon Musk, the owner of X, stated that he did not approve a pause of West's account before the December suspension, aligning with his "free speech absolutist" philosophy on account suspensions.

6. Elon Musk's Involvement

West faced controversy for making several antisemitic comments last year, leading to repercussions such as losing business deals and being dropped by talent agencies and fashion brands.

7. Antisemitic Comments

Musk previously reinstated former President Donald Trump's Twitter account last year, following his "free speech absolutist" approach.

8. Musk's Reinstatement History

Due to his antisemitic comments and actions, Kanye West lost support from backers in the fashion industry, including Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga, as well as talent agency CAA and Hollywood financier and producer MRC.

9. Kanye's Lost Backers

The decision to reinstate Kanye West's account garnered mixed reactions, considering his past behavior and controversial statements.

10. Mixed Reactions