Tom Cruise's Interest in Sofia Vergara After Her Divorce

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and ranks among the world's highest-paid actors.

1. Tom Cruise's Hollywood Stardom

The article reveals that Tom Cruise briefly courted Sofia Vergara before he started dating Katie Holmes in 2005.

2. Past Romance with Sofia Vergara

Will Smith introduced Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara at a pre-Oscars event, leading to the start of their romance.

3. Pre-Oscars Introduction

Their relationship began before Sofia Vergara gained fame through the hit TV show "Modern Family," which might be why it was not well-remembered.

4. Sofia Vergara's Rising Fame

After Sofia Vergara's recent split from her husband, Joe Manganiello, Tom Cruise allegedly wants to reignite the romance with her.

5. Tom's Interest in Reconnecting

The article mentions that they had a special time together, partying in the Hollywood Hills and having fun during their brief dalliance.

6. A Special Time Together

Their romance ended in a friendly manner, and they remained friends, but Tom has regretted his decision to end things with Sofia and choose Katie Holmes.

7. Amicable Parting

The unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise by Andrew Morton highlights Sofia's initial fascination with Tom's charm but also her concerns about Scientology.

8. Andrew Morton's Account

Sofia Vergara's Catholic faith made her apprehensive about converting to Scientology, as portrayed in the biography.

9. Sofia's Devout Catholic Beliefs

Sofia's reported romance with Tom Cruise eventually ended due to her fears and reservations about Scientology.

10. Reported Romance's End