The Most Nervous Zodiac Signs, Ranked

Highly nervous and anxious, with indecisiveness causing inner turmoil.

1. Gemini

Constantly worrying about various aspects of life and being critical of themselves.

2. Virgo

Caught between fear and trust, leading to neurotic behavior and anxiety.

3. Pisces

Struggles with decision-making and avoiding confrontation, which adds to nervousness.

4. Libra

Frequent mood swings and insecurity contribute to feeling moody and anxious.

5. Cancer

Tries to please everyone and feels nervous when unable to fulfill others' needs. 

6. Aquarius

High expectations and fear of failure lead to nervousness and anxiety.

7. Capricorn

Impatience and always being on the go contribute to feeling anxious about time constraints.

8. Aries

Sensitive and secretive, tends to keep nervousness hidden from others.

9. Scorpio

Highly confident and not prone to nervousness or anxiety.

10. Sagittarius

Stubborn and determined, doesn't easily succumb to nervousness.

11. Taurus

Extremely confident and rarely experiences nervousness or worry.

12. Leo