Texas Teacher Speaks Out on Firing After Attending Drag Show and Posting on Social Media

Kristi Maris, a former teacher at First Baptist Academy in Baytown, Texas, was terminated after attending a drag show at Hamburger Mary's Houston and sharing about it on social media.

1. Teacher Fired Over Drag Show Attendance

Maris had been working at the school for approximately 20 years before her dismissal.

2. Lengthy Tenure at School

Maris attended the drag show with her two adult children and a co-worker, describing it as a fun and interactive experience.

3. Enjoyable Drag Show Experience

Although the school did not provide clear reasons for her termination, Maris was directed to a photo on her social media showing her with drag performers.

4. Unclear Reasons for Firing

In response to those who objected to her attendance, Maris expressed that she believes in showing love and kindness to everyone regardless of their background.

5. Response to Criticism

The incident has led Maris to view things differently, resulting in personal growth and positive changes in her life.

6. Impact on Perspective

As a Christian, Maris has been taught to love everyone equally, emphasizing the importance of kindness and grace.

7. Teaching Biblical Values

Drag performances have been the subject of criticism and threats in various states, with conservative politicians introducing restrictive legislation.

8. Drag Shows Facing Opposition

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill in June aimed at regulating sexually oriented performances, including restrictions on drag shows in certain contexts.

9. Texas Legislation on Sexual Performances

Maris advocates for more tolerance, mercy, and forgiveness to combat judgmental attitudes in society.

10. Call for Understanding and Empathy