Ten Dog-Training Practices You Should Stop Immediately

If you've had to yell repeatedly for your dog at the dog park or on the beach, don't feel bad about it.

contacting them repeatedly

Now, we just said to utilise treats to help with recall. Yet, you'll want to think beyond the biscuit box for minor good-pup behaviours.

Using One Reinforcer Only

More sweets, please! (Because they are essential to the feedback loop of a dog.)

Treating Children at the Wrong Time

We are aware that sometimes your daily walks with your dog are the only opportunity you have to make that crucial call, vent to a friend, or come up with ideas for work.

Walking on automatic pilot

Imagine your dog barking as soon as the Amazon delivery man brings the harness you bought.

Shouting at Them

The word "down" is typically used by trainers to instruct a dog to lie down on the ground.

Saying "Down" in the Wrong Situation

In light of this, according to Roche, dogs thrive when given many cues for the same behaviour.

Absence of hand signals

You should offer them specific instructions, particularly if the dog is a puppy or a rescue that has just moved into your house.

Being indirect