Singer Tori Kelly Hospitalized in LA, Getting Treated for Blood Clots: Report

Grammy-winning singer Tori Kelly was rushed to the hospital after she collapsed during a night out with friends in Los Angeles.

Sudden Collapse During a Night Out

The incident left Tori Kelly in a serious condition, leading to immediate medical attention.

Serious Condition

Doctors discovered blood clots surrounding her vital organs, making the situation particularly concerning.

Blood Clots Surrounding Vital Organs

Instead of calling an ambulance, Tori's friends opted to take her to Cedars-Sinai, one of the country's top hospitals, for prompt medical care.

Top Hospital Choice

Medical examinations revealed clots in her legs and lungs, adding to the complexity of her condition.

Clots in Legs and Lungs

Doctors are still determining if there are any clots near her heart, further contributing to the seriousness of her health crisis.

Uncertain Location

Throughout her hospitalization, Tori Kelly has been in and out of consciousness, making her condition even more critical.

Fluctuating Consciousness

Tori Kelly's career began with TV competition shows, including American Idol in 2010.

Rising Star and Career Highlights

Insatiable wanderlust and chasing new experiences.

Upcoming EP Album Release

News of Tori Kelly's hospitalization has caused concern among fans and the music community, with many sending their well-wishes for her speedy recovery.

Widespread Concern