Neelam Gill's Relationship Status with Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Friend

Neelam Gill addressed the rumors about her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio on her Instagram Story, denying any romantic involvement with the actor.

1. Neelam Gill's Relationship Confirmation

The British model stated that she has been in this relationship with DiCaprio's friend for many months, and they have managed to keep it relatively private until now.

2. Keeping It Low-Key

Talulah shared a lovely selfie with Thomas Brodie Sangster to make the engagement announcement.

3. Selfie with Thomas

The speculation about Neelam Gill's connection with DiCaprio's best friend intensified after the two were photographed together on a yacht in Sardinia, Italy, where they enjoyed some time under the sun.

4. Yacht Photos Sparked Rumors

Despite the media attention and rumors, Leonardo DiCaprio has chosen not to comment on Neelam Gill's statement about dating his best friend.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio's Silence

Leonardo DiCaprio's romantic life has been a subject of public interest, with past relationships often making headlines

6. DiCaprio's Romantic History

Prior to Neelam Gill, rumors had linked Leonardo DiCaprio to supermodel Gigi Hadid as his potential love interest.

7. Past Rumored Love Interest

While dealing with relationship rumors, Leonardo DiCaprio has been focused on his social activism.

8. DiCaprio's Social Activism

DiCaprio expressed his pride in passing on his experiences to those who may not have had the opportunity and hopes to contribute to creating a program that guides future climate warriors.

9. Passion for Climate Change

Neelam Gill's statement aimed to clear up the false stories circulating about her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio

10. Clarifying the False Stories