Mask Girl on Netflix: 10 Key Details about the Korean Crime-Thriller Drama

Netflix will debut the Korean crime-thriller drama "Mask Girl" on August 18, 2023, featuring an edge-of-your-seat storyline.

1. Release Date

The series boasts a stellar cast, including renowned Korean film industry figures such as Go Hyun-jung, Ahn Jae-hong, and Yeom Hye-ran.

2. Star-Studded Cast

"Mask Girl" is based on a web comic of the same name written by Mae Mi, which was published on Naver from August 2015 to June 2018.

3. Web Comic Inspiration

The show revolves around Kim Mo-mi (played by Go Hyun-jung), an office worker with self-esteem issues, who transforms into an internet personality known as "Mask Girl" to gain attention.

4. Plot Synopsis

Kim Mo-mi's online streamer persona, "Mask Girl," is referred to as an internet broadcast jockey in Korea.

5. Departure with No Regrets

Joo Oh-Nam (Ahn Jae-hong), Kim Mo-mi's co-worker, becomes a devoted fan of "Mask Girl" and develops a crush on her, unaware of her true identity.

6. Romantic Twist

Yum Hye-Ran portrays Kim Kyung-Ja, Joo Oh-Nam's mother, who embarks on a search for her missing son, adding emotional drama to the storyline.

7. Kim Kyung-Ja's Pursuit

Kim Kyung-Ja, a single mother who treasures her son above all else, adds depth to the narrative as she seeks to find him.

8. Emotional Mother-Son Relationship

The series boasts an impressive trio of Korean legends in the lead roles, with Go Hyun-jung, Ahn Jae-hong, and Yum Hye-Ran delivering compelling performances.

9. Dream Cast Trio

Go Hyun-jung is recognized for her role in the highly-rated drama "Sandglass" (1995), while actor Ahn Jae-hong gained fame for his appearances in films like "Fabricated City" (2017) and the TV series "Reply 1988."

10. Notable Previous Works Actress