Kylie Minogue Announces Las Vegas Residency at The Venetian

Kylie Minogue has announced her very first residency in Las Vegas, marking a significant milestone in her career.

1. First Las Vegas Residency

The residency will take place at the Voltaire nightclub located in The Venetian, Las Vegas, providing fans with an intimate and exclusive experience.

2. Venue and Setting

This residency marks Kylie Minogue's return to the U.S. stage after a gap of more than a decade since her last tour in 2011.

3. Long Awaited Return

The residency is expected to include about a dozen shows, starting from November 3. Tickets for the performances will go on sale on August 9.

4. Show Details

Kylie promises a visually stunning show with extravagant costumes, intricate dance routines, and precision fountains that were a hit during her "Aphrodite" tour.

5. Extravagant Showmanship

Attendees can look forward to fresh and unique versions of her songs, as Kylie plans to offer reinterpretations of some of her popular tracks.

6. Unique Song Interpretations

Besides her classic hits, the Australian pop star hints at surprises throughout the residency, keeping the audience entertained with unexpected elements.

7. Surprises in Store

Performing an extended residency in Las Vegas has been a long-held dream for Kylie Minogue, and she feels that the timing is perfect now, as she can fully enjoy the experience.

8. Dream Realized

During the residency, Kylie will also perform tracks from her upcoming album, "Tension," adding an element of excitement for her fans.

9. New Album Showcase

With over 80 million records sold worldwide, a Grammy award, and three Brit Awards, Kylie Minogue's Vegas residency cements her status as a seasoned and accomplished performer.

10. Impressive Career