James Gunn's DCU Plans: Henry Cavill and Superman Legacy

James Gunn, the director of the upcoming Superman Legacy film, is keen on bringing back Henry Cavill to the DC Extended Universe (DCU).

1. Superman Legacy Director's Interest

Despite initial rumors, Henry Cavill will not be reprising his role as Clark Kent aka Superman in any future DCU projects.

2. Henry Cavill Not Returning as Superman

Fans were disappointed when plans for Henry Cavill's return in the much-anticipated Man of Steel 2 were ultimately abandoned.

3. Exit from Man of Steel 2

James Gunn stepped in to direct the new Superman film in the franchise, titled Superman Legacy, after the Man of Steel 2 project was scrapped.

4. James Gunn's New Superman Film

Reports suggest that James Gunn is actively trying to retain Henry Cavill for a new DCU role, despite the actor's departure from the Superman films.

5. Gunn's Efforts to Retain Cavill

After the disappointment of the Man of Steel 2 project falling through, Henry Cavill seems unenthusiastic about returning to the DCU.

6. Cavill's Disappointment

Speculation indicates that Henry Cavill may be considering joining Marvel Studios for a future superhero project instead of returning to the DCU.

7. Marvel Studios Rumors

While James Gunn is quite active on social media, he has not yet responded to the reports about Cavill's potential involvement in a new DCU project.

9. No Confirmation from Gunn

The director is reportedly engaged in discussions with Henry Cavill, hoping to persuade him to take on a significant role in a future DCU film.

10. Gunn's Discussions with Cavill