Here are the top 10 friendliest cities

Bursting with southern hospitality, this "quaint" city received a high score of 84.3.

1. Charleston, South Carolina

The oldest city in Georgia, Savannah, with a score of 82.8, charms visitors with a sense of stepping back in time.

2. Savannah, Georgia

Scored 82.2, the friendliness of its residents makes San Antonio a must-visit destination.

3. San Antonio, Texas

With a laid-back vibe and "down-to-earth" people, this Colorado gem scored 81.3.

4. Telluride, Colorado

Known for its city pride and delectable food, New Orleans received a score of 80.4.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

Scored 80, this casual yet upscale city offers plenty of outdoor activities and an eclectic atmosphere.

7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Ranked at 8th place with a score of 79.6, this pleasant city is perfect for unwinding.

8. Key West, Florida

With a score of 79.6, Nashville, the musical city, entertains visitors with its colorful characters.

9. Nashville, Tennessee

The 10th spot, with a score of 79, goes to Asheville, appreciated for its small-town feel and friendly, artistic people.

10. Asheville, North Carolina