Zodiac Signs and the August 2023 Super Sturgeon Moon: Embracing Innovation and Individuality

On Aug. 1, the Aquarius full moon will shine a light on your social life. As a trailblazer, you're used to expressing your unique opinions and on this day, you'll feel drawn to community connections.


Career and professional endeavors take center stage during this full moon.


The full moon on Aug. 1 highlights your embrace of innovative and untraditional views. Speak your mind, especially about subjects that need more attention.


During this full moon, your shared resources, debts, and personal boundaries come into focus.


Romantic relationships are in the spotlight during the full moon.


The full moon encourages you to prioritize your habits and rituals. Look for innovative ways to rejuvenate your daily practices, bringing mental stimulation and productivity into your routines.


Branch out in your creative hobbies and passions during the August full moon.


Consider revamping your home during this full moon in Aquarius. While you may not be ready for major changes, think about ways to create an authentic and innovative living space.


Your thoughts and ideas will be highlighted, giving you the perfect opportunity to share your perspectives.

9. Sagittarius

Money and resources take the spotlight during the full moon. While you typically approach things traditionally, consider innovative approaches to managing your finances and possessions.


As the full moon illuminates your first house of self-expression, embrace your individuality.


The full moon encourages you to recharge your batteries. Take time for introspection and contemplation.