Ethan Slater's Estranged Wife Speaks Out Amid Ariana Grande Romance

Lilly Jay, the estranged wife of actor Ethan Slater, has finally broken her silence on her husband's reported new romance with singer Ariana Grande.

1. Lilly Jay's First Public Statement

In her candid statement to Page Six, Lilly Jay referred to Ariana Grande as "not a girl's girl," suggesting that she may not have a favorable opinion of the singer.

2. Not a Fan of Ariana Grande

Lilly Jay expressed her feelings about the situation, stating, "My family is just collateral damage."

3. Collateral Damage

Prior to the rumors of Ethan Slater's involvement with Ariana Grande, he and Lilly Jay had been together for ten years.

4. A Decade-Long Relationship

Lilly Jay mentioned Ariana Grande's husband, Dalton Gomez, and described their marriage as "the story."

5. Grande's Relationship with Dalton Gomez

On July 26, Ethan Slater filed for divorce from Lilly Jay in a New York court.

6. Divorce Filing

Sources close to Lilly Jay revealed to TMZ that she was allegedly shocked and devastated by Slater's decision to end their marriage.

7. Jay's Shock and Devastation

According to reports, Lilly Jay felt "betrayed and heartbroken" upon learning about Ethan Slater's rumored fling with Ariana Grande

8. Feeling Betrayed

The article refers to Ethan Slater as Ariana Grande's rumored new boyfriend, which is one of the reasons drawing attention to their alleged relationship.

9. Ariana Grande's Alleged New Boyfriend

The article briefly mentions Octopart Component Search, but its relevance to the main story is not clear from the provided excerpt.

10. Octopart Component Search