Elon Musk's Reaction to Talulah Riley's Engagement to Thomas Brodie Sangster

Talulah Riley announced her engagement to Thomas Brodie Sangster on July 27, 2023, via Twitter.

1. Announcement on Twitter

Elon Musk reacted to the news by expressing his congratulations and posted a red heart emoji.

2. Happy for Her

Talulah shared a lovely selfie with Thomas Brodie Sangster to make the engagement announcement.

3. Selfie with Thomas

Thomas also shared a picture on his Instagram account to share the joyous moment with his followers.

4. Thomas' Instagram Post

Actually Thomas mentioned his popular 2003 film, Love Actually, in his engagement announcement.

5. Reference to Love

Talulah and Thomas met in 2021 while filming the FX series Pistols and dated for over two years before deciding to get engaged.

6. How They Met

Elon Musk and Talulah Riley were married twice, first in 2010 and then again reconciled but divorced in 2016.

7. Past Relationships

Talulah described Elon as a great friend and expressed the utmost love for him, though not necessarily in a romantic way.

8. Talulah's Perspective

Talulah mentioned that they are currently in a happy place where they treat each other well.

9. Their Happy Place

Talulah referred to Elon as family, indicating a strong bond even after their divorce.

10. Family Bonds