Discover Your Taylor Swift Album Based on Your Zodiac Sign

As the bold and first sign of the zodiac, Aries is paired with Taylor's debut album, reflecting their fearless and adventurous nature.

1. Aries - 'Taylor Swift'

Romantic, thoughtful, and elegant, Tauruses resonate with the beauty and depth of Taylor's 'evermore' album.

2. Taurus - 'evermore'

'Midnights' combines different sounds and eras, representing Gemini's multifaceted nature and relatable experiences.

3. Gemini - 'Midnights'

With lyrical depictions of falling in love, 'Lover' connects to Cancer's emotional and sentimental side.

4. Cancer - 'Lover'

Confident and bright, 'Speak Now' mirrors Leo's bold authenticity and journey of self-discovery.

5. Leo - 'Speak Now'

'Red,' with its metaphors and reflections on past relationships, aligns perfectly with Virgo's analytical and overthinking tendencies.

6. Virgo - 'Red'

Taylor's first fully pop album, '1989,' symbolizes Libra's balanced and harmonious nature.

7. Libra - '1989'

'Reputation' resonates with Scorpio's transformative nature, as Taylor reclaims her image and identity.

8. Scorpio - 'Reputation'

Taylor's second album, 'Fearless,' embodies the free-spirited and adventurous essence of Sagittarius.

9. Sagittarius - 'Fearless'

'1989' fits Capricorn's no-nonsense attitude, appreciating Taylor's bold musical shift.

10. Capricorn - '1989'

With its surprising pop-synth sound, 'Lover' represents Aquarius' tendency to constantly surprise others.

11. Aquarius - 'Lover'

'folklore's whimsical folk-indie sound and emotional lyrics resonate with Pisces' fantastical escapism.

12. Pisces - 'folklore'