Biden Signs 'Historic' Executive Order on Military Handling of Sexual Assault Cases

U.S. President Joe Biden signed a "historic" executive order aimed at changing how the military handles sexual assault cases.

1. Presidential Executive Order

Biden emphasized that gender-based violence is an affront to shared humanity, and sexual assault in the military undermines national defense.

2. Prioritizing Safety

The changes implement reforms passed by Congress the previous year, representing the most significant transformation of the U.S. military justice system since its establishment in 1950.

3. Congress-Backed Reforms

The White House stated that the historic reforms will better protect victims and ensure that prosecutorial decisions are fully independent from the chain of command.

4. Protection of Victims

President Biden's commitment to fundamentally shifting how the military justice system responds to sexual assault and related crimes has been a priority since the beginning of his administration.

5. Fulfilling a Promise

Sexual assault within the military was seen as a threat to the unity essential for ensuring the safety of the nation.

6. Unity and National Defense

The reforms mark a turning point for survivors of gender-based violence in the military.

7. Impact on Gender-Based Violence

The executive order assigns specialized, independent military prosecutors to handle cases of sexual assault and other serious offenses.

8. Specialized Independent Prosecutors

Biden called the action an "important step forward" in addressing the pervasive issue of sexual assault within the military.

9. A Step Forward