Ben Affleck’s Scrapped ‘Batman’ “Was F*cking Awesome” Reveals One Of DC’s Storyboard Artists,

DC's storyboard artist Jay Olivia described Ben Affleck's cancelled Batman movie as "f****** awesome," claiming it was the best he had worked on.

1. Unprecedented Awesomeness

The movie was said to explore unique storylines that had never been covered in the Batman comics, providing a fresh perspective on the character.

2. Departure from Comics

The film aimed to tie together various Batman storylines from the character's 80-year history, creating a cohesive and intricate narrative.

3. Tying Batman Mythos

Ben Affleck's Batman would have built upon existing Batman mythos, adding depth and complexity to the character's legacy. 

4. Building on Existing Lore

Affleck had to step away from the project due to personal reasons, resulting in the unfortunate cancellation of the highly anticipated film.

5. Personal Reasons Led to Cancellation

The movie was a joint vision of Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck, combining their creative talents to craft a unique Batman story.

6. Collaborative Effort

The film was praised for its clever storytelling and innovative take on the Batman universe, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its release.

7. Clever and Innovative Approach

The cancelled film intended to incorporate storylines from various Batman sources, offering fans a new and exciting experience.

8. Storylines from Different Sources

Jay Olivia expressed his admiration for the project and regretted that certain aspects of the film could not come to fruition.

9. Regret over Lost Potential

While Olivia couldn't reveal more details about the movie at present, he hinted at the possibility of sharing more information in the future, giving fans hope for insights into the scrapped Batman masterpiece.

10. Hope for Future Revelations