Astrology Forecasts: August New Beginnings and Life Changes for Zodiac Signs

During The Lion's Gate, you'll feel supercharged and ready to conquer your goals.


Your persistence will pay off during The Lion's Gate Portal. Enjoy the abundance of this time and use it to manifest your life's desires.

2. Taurus

The high energy in the cosmos will inspire you to delve into learning more about your interests and creativity, particularly in language-related pursuits.


The Lion's Gate encourages you to focus on yourself and your needs. Take time to meditate on your desires and emotions.

4. Cancer

As The Lion's Gate occurs during your season, you'll feel powerful and creative.


Amidst your hard work and meticulous nature, take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments.


During this Lion's Gate season, you'll feel extra flirty and joyful. Embrace your creative side and don't hesitate to take romantic risks or start new creative projects.


The fiery energy of the Lion's Gate will empower you to tackle challenges and express your truth with loved ones.


Embrace your adventurous side during this time and live life to the fullest.


Your hard work will be fueled by creative solutions and productive ideas. Take a moment to review your goals and plan your next steps.


While not typically drawn to emotional or spiritual matters, you'll feel a shift in energy.

11. Aquarius

This is an excellent time to connect with your spiritual side. Meditate on your dreams and aspirations, and use the Lion's Gate Portal to turn them into reality.

12. Pisces