10 uninhabited islands around the world

Part of New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands with traces of Polynesian settlement.

1. Auckland Islands

A beautiful archipelago of about 40 islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

2. Mu Ko Ang Thong

A 562-meter high rock island located in the Pacific Ocean near Lord Howe Island.

3. Ball’s Pyramid

Located about 300 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and mostly uninhabited.

4. Cocos Island

A group of 8 atolls and 2 submerged coral reefs in the middle of the Pacific, protected as a marine reserve.

5. Phoenix Islands

A volcanic archipelago of about 20 islands in Fiji, with some uninhabited islands due to lack of water.

6. Mamanuca Islands

The largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific, covered with pristine rainforest and coral reefs.

7. Tetepare Island

The Maldives has several small uninhabited islands, each with its own 'Desert Island' experience offered by resorts.

8. Maldives Desert Islands

One of Seychelles' Outer Islands with a vast population of giant tortoises and other unique wildlife.

9. Aldabra

Ancient relics of coral reefs forming 250 to 300 islands in Palau's Southern Lagoon, famous for beaches and the Jellyfish Lake.

10. Rock Islands